Frostpunk: On The Edge
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"They say the snow is dead. But we've learnt to the contrary." - Samuel Robinson, Frostland Scout (1887, New London). About On The Edge expansion: Assigned as the leader of a newly formed Outpost — settled near the Army Warehouse — you are kept on New London's leash and bound to transfer all your precious findings to the headquarters. At the same time, you have to rely on scarce food deliveries and laws enforced by your supervisor. It's a delicate balance to navigate — each decision introduces new risks and hardships. But as soon the alternate food source is discovered by your scouts, you can start to think about surviving on your own… Snowy tides turn quickly on the Frostland. There are other Settlements out there willing to cooperate with you. Once you manage to gain their loyalty, designate trade routes between new allies, and regain control over your Book of Laws, then you can form a strong, independent union - and shake off New London's yoke. On The Edge gives you the opportunity to break free of the shackles New London has inflicted upon you and turn your ice-cold will back onto your masters. On The Edge is the third and final expansion for Frostpunk. All expansions are available in Frostpunk: Season Pass

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