Frostpunk: Season Pass
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Purchase the Season Pass and set off on even more expeditions into Frostpunk’s frozen world. With this pass, you’ll be granted access to all upcoming game content in this season, including immediate access to THE RIFTS, THE LAST AUTUMN and one major expansion coming in 2020. The Rifts Experience new level of challenge on a brand new Endless Mode map, where the land itself threatens your survival. Using a new gameplay mechanic, bridge the rifts to access new areas. Expand the city to save your people from inevitable doom! - Unique new Endless Mode map - New constructible building - New gameplay mechanics The Last Autumn The Last Autumn is a turning point in the Frostpunk universe. Revealing the restless events of Site 113 and its struggle to construct the generator before the freezing veil shrouds the Earth, this prequel expansion broadens the Frostpunk universe by introducing a new environment, new Books of Laws and unique technologies, and presents a range of new buildings — all of which let you shape society and the city in unconventional ways. Leading a group of engineers working on one of the world’s greatest technological marvels - a Generator - will require adapting your strategy to extraordinary situations. As the leader of Site 113, hope for the best, but prepare for the worst. For Queen and Country! - Experience a prequel story taking place before the freezing cataclysm - Master a totally new Book of Laws allowing you to shape your society in previously unknown ways - Construct new buildings - Discover uncommon, steam-powered technologies - Apply more advanced strategies to survive - Delve into a beautiful new environment not yet covered by snow

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