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A bundle of 4 fun educational games for kids ages 3-7 years old. Each game has four difficulty levels. These games are great to prepare children for school. They develop attention, logic and spatial intelligence. 1. Postman / Mailman: The hedgehog needs to deliver a letter to the correct house. The letter's address is a sequence of objects (e.g. leaf, flower, mushroom, cone). The hedgehog needs to find these objects on the sides of the path on its way to the correct house, in that exact order. This game develops logic, spatial intelligence, attention, and concentration. The Postman game is commonly used by child psychologists in their counselling sessions with kids. 2. Maze: Help the hedgehog to get through a maze to the house. You can select one of 6 locations: forest, lake, desert, ice, space, or fantastic planet. 3. Sudoku: In this logic game, one needs to drag missing objects into the empty cells of the table so that every object comes up exactly once in every row and every column. On the easiest level of difficulty this task can be solved even by three-year old children. 4. Rhythm: Here you need to find an error in a sequence. The sequence consists of a few repeating patterns (e.g. 2 cones, mushroom, 2 cones, mushroom, 2 cones, mushroom), but one of the objects is wrong (e.g. one of the mushrooms is replaced by a flower). This game develops logic and attention.

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