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Special OPS Army Force Battle is the story of a one man army, a lone survivor, an ultimate weapon army uses whenever the mission at hand is difficult and impossible to earn. This third person shooter will take you to the accounts of this brave and bold commando where you can simulate him in a fight for his life against the militants and terrorists hiding in the vast island in the pacific. Island is not controlled by any government and has extreme and harsh conditions. The commando the hero of the story will infiltrate the compound and base of the enemy and eliminate every single one present on the island. Aim at the head of the enemy so that they have no chance of survival, rescue important documents and secrets of the country. Look out for the check posts and watch towers with snipers guarding the terrain by looking through scope. Fire at will and complete the mission assigned to you. This commando a Special Forces man is highly trained in hand to hand combat, stealth, hiking, killing and ambush. His epic attack on the terrorist hiding in the deserted island where they are training militia forces and militants to wage war on the main land. Armed with just few necessary weapons and little bullets and ammunition your priority is to attack and engage in combat with these outlaws and criminals and eliminate them. Defend your country’s honor and secrets. Features: · Instructions are given before every mission · Engaging and attractive story line. · Awesomely constructed 3d Environment. · Swift and easy game play. · Realistic and genuine sounds.

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