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Fly into a world of shooting terror. Shoot & destroy bosses to protect humanity Love Bullet – Fly Shooter is an upbeat, dynamic and wildly fun arcade fly shooter in which you need to show great shooting precision and flying skills if you want the humanity to be restored from the horrible bosses. In a vibrant and totally attractive environment you will be put to a really challenging test of unpredictable movements, obstacles and shooting battles. Can you handle the pressure?!  ARCADE SHOOTER WITH TONS OF UPGRADES  Light is the last hope to restore humanity in our planet. Evil and corruptions are everywhere. You play a brave girl character which is in the role of the powerful shooter. She must destroy the evil and eliminate the corruption and contagious danger the planet is surrounded by.  UNPREDICTABLE OBSTACLES WITH DIFFERENT WEAPONS  With hundreds of obstacles and 4 powerful and angry bosses, help her save the humanity. Unlock weapons, levels and much more content with your shooting skills. Don’t settle for your starting weapon and explore. You may discover some great shooting abilities and destroy your opponents much faster.  LOVELY GRAPHICS AND AMAZING FLY & SHOOT GAMEPLAY  The amazing graphics and stunning visual effects is what you’ll adore in this fly shooter. From the very beginning you will be attracted with the feel of the game. Tap and move the light and produce precise shoots with the easy controls. You’ll love the color selection, animation, sound effects and generally the ambient this game creates!  2 GAME MODES  - play against the 4 bosses and enjoy a classic fly shooting experience. - play in challenge mode (multiplayer) where you need to battle with other players  Love Bullet – Fly Shooter features  - fly shooting gameplay - vibrant and dynamic fly arcade graphics - various shooting options - tons of content and weapons to unlock - classic arcade shoot setting - 2 game modes - unique soundtrack and sound effects --------------------------------------------------- One of the best retro arcade games you will play this year. Free arcade shooting game that will engage you from the first moment. Arcade shooting game with tons of dynamics and content to unlock. Multiplayer arcade shooter features. Get it FREE now!

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