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Start engines, Shift gears, get ready for the game, the king of all car transport and trucker games. Feel the power of huge monster euro truck while moving Sports Cars in your Transport Truck, driving through cities and roads in this advanced sports car transporter truck simulator game. Expand your transporting empire while exploring and delivering valuable cars to the car dealers all over the city. Drive these huge cargo Transporter Trucks, which are fully loaded and need to deliver the priceless cargo of high value racing cars and sports cars to the garage in this 3D truck transporting game. On the back of your loader, these cars are more out in the open and will take damage more easily, so this is no easy cargo to transport in this 3d game for you and your fellow truckers. Feel what it takes to have the skills of real truckers. Shift gears as a real sports car transport trucker. Sports Car Transport Truck simulator, you get to take a ride and drive around with a real sports carrier trailer, known and called as the car hauler or auto transport trailer. So if you want to travel the roads of this big city and you want to have a career as an expert trucker and truck driver, then the best way to practice your truck transporter simulating skills is to pick up this fun and newest truck simulator 3D game. Choose your cars that you like to load the truck with, load them on top of the trailer of the car transporter truck. Get behind the wheel of your monster 4x4 18-wheeler truck and make sure you successfully complete your missions and delivery orders. Maneuver your truck accordingly on the streets and transport the goods before time runs out. This new transporter game challenges you to do your job carefully; we challenge you to try this mega vehicle carrier and transport sports cars to their destinations. Handle and Park the cars carefully and maneuver them on the trailer so they fit in perfectly within the indicated spot. Normal sports and racing car transporting games are easy but not when you have to drive these expensive cars on top of the trailer and after a ride with the car transporter you need to keep a close watch not to damage your cars when you unload them from the same car transporter trailer. Finally, drive the massive truck while managing the load on top. Your parking troubles have just multiplied; time is not on your side, so be on time at the garage. At the garage you need to unload and load your car transport truck as quickly as possible. You have a time limit in each of the easy transporting 3d levels. This game of Sports Car Transporter Truck 3D Simulator brings you a crazy combination of precision driving and cargo load management. Drive carefully as making sharp turns can make precious and expensive sports cars fall out of the trailer. This is a test of your driving and parking abilities that will be fun and quite challenging. Keep a close watch at the turn cycles of your vehicle and cars, you need to drive in another fashion then the sports and racing car transporter truck. But all you need to do to finish the game in time is to rely on your skills as an expert and pro trucker and sports car driver. Let’s get onto the hot seat and drive these monster heavy duty transport trucks and be a King Trucker, challenge yourself to see who is best at managing the cargo load and careful driving.

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