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Counter Critical Strike is a 3D FPS action game in counter strike style! Enjoy an extremely realistic game 3D environment huge arsenal weapons as AK47, AWP sniper, shadow gun, let's enjoy this awesome CS game! Do you have enough courage to destroy all enemies and destroy the enemy's camp? Join the fight! Ready to join the best first person shooter like csgo ? Ready to play this front-line war game? Critical strike is for FREE now! From the Desert Eagle to AK47 and AWP sniper, you have access to a variety of light and heavy weapons, and even grenade! Answer the call of duty, pick up the weapons and fight alongside with your friends! Intercept, eliminate and extract. It’s time to engage the enemy! You are the brave assassin in the army, destory the terrorists who mask, arm AK47, and carry destructive weapons. You need to master in practice a variety of targeted gun shots, excellent precision target training will help in the frontier shooting war better eliminate terrorist organizations. Travel deep into enemy control zones, swat & destroy terrorists. Counter Critical Strike is a first-person perspective action shooting survival game with high-definition graphics and a perfect shooting experience. Go to battle warzone and win global offensive ! Go counter-strike game and clicker counter strike shooting to eliminate enemy. paly combat strike game clicker idle clicker fps delta strike case simulator cliking counterstrike counter strike attack with skilled counter strikers gun war fire games and gun shooting fps game go for best skins best shooter and best shooter games sniper fury battle terrorists with modern specialforce bullet force modern strike/swat strike to shoot ennemy. If you want to fight in the real battlefield and modern warfare style, choose to install this game. Battlefield operations can provide you with land combat experience. So activate your killer mode, become the most courageous warrior in the game, in order to fight for a real battle victory, you must participate in endless fighting, create blood and chaos, the earth into the battle earth. You are a well-trained military battlefield combat special forces members, is the tactical team and modern war power. You are equipped with machine guns, sniper rifles and grenades, you will be in this shooting game to complete the secret task to eliminate the evil forces that hinder world peace. It is time to pick up your guns and become the most brave warrior in this battle. Like to complete the task alone? Enter an exciting personal tasks in the past, when you pass one after another terrible situation, to save the world. Your base, your country is being infringed by terrorists, you have to stop the terrorists' crazy plan, you are the savior. Join the game, scattering blood and chaos on the battlefield, to become a real army assassin. Are you fan of action war and shooting games like in CS:GO , counter strike global offensive , critical ops , call of duty dead trigger and fortnite? Right for you we developed this awesome game Counter Critical Strike, now for FREE! Counter Critical Strike Features: - The real 3D environment allows you to experience the excitement of war - Realistic fighting effect - Many weapons, rifles, snipers, pistols, medical kits - Simple and intuitive control - Addictive huge number levels! - Excellent urban environment - Amazing music and sound effects - Realistic graphics - 3D graphics of legendary game Counter Strike also known as cs:go Enjoy expriences of classic csgo counter strike in new game Counter Critical Counter! Exclusively now for FREE!

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Magic Craft Games Studio Inc.

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114.84 MB

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Para mayores de 13 años


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English (United States)

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