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Dice Calculator is an invaluable assistant at the gaming table when you don't want to carry around a lot of dice, or lookup every roll on your character. Basic algebraic formulas can be entered using standard dice notation (i.e. 4d6+2) and the calculator will roll the random results. Additionally, you can save and name your formulas, and even group them in different profiles to support multiple games or characters! Examples: 4d6k3 - roll four six-sided dice and keep the three highest 2d20H - roll two twenty-sided dice and keep the highest (advantage dice) 2d20L - roll two twenty-sided dice and keep the lowest (disadvantage dice) d8+2d10+5 - roll one eight-sided and two ten-sided dice, sum them and add five Connect with your friends at a virtual gaming table for sharing dice rolls! Update 2: (Version 1.5) New Features: - Stored Formulas now allow for a description and a type for better organization - Better panel support for portrait and landscape modes - When rolling from a stored formula, the name of the formula is presented in the results - Added a detailed roll history, along with calculations and name of formula rolled - Added an about dialog that gives a quick overview and a link to the website for full documentation and privacy statements

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  • Supports a wide array of dice for many different role-playing games
  • Save your formulas for easy recall at the gaming table
  • Multiple profile support so you can save formulas for each game or character
  • Roll dice with your friends with a virtual table
  • Formulas stored in an easy to modify JSON format

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