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Hulk Monster Fight is an ultimate fighting game with HULK from avengers heroes! JUMP? FIGHT and enjoy Hulk Monster Fight in 3D! Who loves to engage in a deadly fights in the city with marvel heroes as spider-man , iron man , batman , captain america and transformers or power rangers. We are working on creating a deadly monster to fight gta 5 ninja gangsters in the city and the monstrous creatures and owlman spread in the city. Get rid of all huck faced minomonsters. We have created this deadly hulk fight game for the monster loving gamers. Our hero monster is equipped with many kungfu fight techniques. We have designed a 3D city environment for our gamers so they can enjoy real free fighting games in the town. The fighters are wandering in the streets. And there are some aliens monsters in the city too who have taken citizen as hostages. Our hero is kaiju and created after a super evolution. He is capable of killing all the death worms and alienshooter to free the city from terror and faites. Monster heros are always been praised for their heroic actions. Get ready for this monster city battle. And let our halk show some action game. 3D hunk is designed with best quality graphics and textures. Actions games for kids are always been popular even among the teenagers and fighting games for boys. Monster Heros : Incredible Fight In City is complete package for the boys who have taken some real interest in monster heros . You will be fighting dragon legends and aliens shooters in the city like in gta grand theft auto san andreas free game. Huck is made powerful enough to take down all the ultimate monstruos in the city. monsters are ruling the city with the terror and fighting a deadly war. Our huck is a fighter and a taken a kungfu combatant US military training . install this ultimate monater fighting game and become the king of city monster battle game. and taken down the monster squad with the heroic power of halk . ninja fighters are all around the city . you can taken them down with halk monster . and killing them in a single punch. Our monster is not and evil monster like the other aliens in the city. Our hero can do many stunts. City if full of traffic you can create deadly terror as our hulk is capable of picking up cars and with his powerful deadly jumps he can destroy cars and he can throw cars on the enemy monater . And evil gangsters and minomonsters. Jump shoot and special attack to kill the monsters . This is the best “monster hero fighting game” and shadow fight game on Windows. MAIN FEATURES OF THIS GAME 1. 3D monster halk 2. 3D HD graphics 3. Realistic city environment down town and peak zone 4. Smooth and amazing controls 5. Attractive user interface / UI 6. Traffic and beautiful racing cars 7. 3 different modes. 8. 3 different cities environment. 9. With 5 exciting levels in each mode 10. 3 Customizable 3D monsters models 11. Acrobatics and ninja combatant training 12. Kungfu fight trained monster 13. Addictive fighting game for boys. Give you valuable feedback so we can work on new update as per your desires and wishes Thank you enjoy this amazing game.

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Master Craft Games: FPS, RPG, PvP

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Para mayores de 13 años


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