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This game is an arcadified simulator where you have to launch a Saturn V (Apollo) rocket into space and orbit around the earth. You are given a random mission every time you start a new game - an orbiting altitude, based on the level of difficulty. This game is NOT for anyone who wants to beat the game the first time they try or is looking for intense action - it's quite hard, but again very easy when you understand how it works. You control the rockets ignition, bursting and rotation. You are also given multiple tools that you must use to be able to get to the desired altitude and shape the orbit. The game comes with a tutorial that will get you started, but it's up to you to learn how to control and shape the orbit. Please read the tutorial the first time you start the game. You control by using the keyboard, mouse and/or touch controls. Good luck, and enjoy this FREE game from Wilhelmsen Studios! Thanks to NASA who has provided SFX and the model of the Saturn V rocket.

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