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Control Red Ball with the cursor keys and to roll, jump and bounce your way to the end of the level. Collect stars and use your head (plus a bit of gravity) to reach your goal. Stay clear of the water and watch out for the evil squares. Saving your girl from a scheming baddy is hard enough anyway - but it’s harder when you have no arms or legs! Red Ball and Pink Ball were planning little baby balls together - until the dastardly Black Ball rolled Pink away! Now Red must bounce, float, and roll his way around Black Ball’s fiendish traps to find his girl and ensure the villain gets his comeuppance. This game is best version of Red Ball game of series Red Ball 1 , Red Ball 2 , Red Ball 3 , Red Ball 4 , Red Ball 5 , Red Ball 6 , Red Ball 7 , Red Ball 8 and Red Ball 9 ! Evil minions want to squeeze the planet into a square shape. Who's got the balls to save the world ? Oh yeah, that's right! Red Ball to the rescue! If you like logic puzzle games like banana kong , tomb of the mask and cut the rope , best fiends and bitlife , so game Red Ball 1 is exactly game for you! Roll, jump and bounce through many exciting levels full of adventure. Make your way through tricky traps and defeat all monsters. The adventure picks up where it left off the last time in Red Ball 5. The favorite platform game of many gamers, the fifth installment of the wildly popular game series is here to keep you entertained through many levels, just like the previous titles in the series. With improved and smooth animations, get ready to take control of the protagonist red ball once again! Jump into the colorful and new world of Red Ball 1 the moment you press the start button. If you’ve played the previous games of the series, you’ll be familiar with the controls and the gameplay of this fifth game. As the player, your objective is to activate the portal at the end of each level to complete the level. To activate the portal, you have to collect a certain number of stars, which are scattered across the level. You can see the number of stars you need to collect at the upper right corner of the screen. Some stars will be easy to collect. Others will be resting on higher platforms or behind locked doors that will require you to solve some puzzles to reach. In each level, you can also find a hidden treasure chest. The roads to these hidden chests are hidden until you come close to them, so you’d better inspect every corner of the level. There are also enemies in each level that you can either avoid or defeat. You should stay away from the horned enemies because they will damage the Red Ball upon contact, but the hornless variants can be killed by jumping on them. Pay attention to your lives at the upper left corner of the screen. Once you go through 3 lives, you will lose the game. Keep an eye on the time limit, too, because you have to complete each level before your time runs out. Plan your actions carefully and try to finish every level with 3 stars! If you enjoyed this game, why not try out the other games in the series? Try your hand at the previous adventure, Red Ball 1 of Red Ball 4 Vol.1 ! Have fun playing! Control a red ball with arrow keys as you quest to defeat the evil squares in this cute side-scrolling platformer with puzzles to solve, and which shows off some great physics as you bounce around. Across levels as varied as the Pyramids, a volcano and rollercoasters, Red Ball must find hidden passageways, balance on rolling rocks, fly helicopters and control bizarre gadgets in order to make it past the traps. Give this game a go and you’ll have a ball! - Challenging levels - Physics-based platforming - Hidden tunnels and cool gadgets galore - A huge variety of levels - A quirky soundtrack for every level - An intuitive touch interface

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