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The app does not currently support Win10s Rise of Dragons is a magic 3D game. Within the devil world, the turbulent world is a ridiculous scene. The evil spirits invaded the ancient ring of the unfortunately destroyed, the horrible power of the demon king Sauron lost its support, drifting and eroding a group of greedy and powerful creatures. Master Gandalf used the keel to forge the magic ring, the dragon ring! The sage can use the dragon ring to collect and purify the power of Sauron, and even conquer the dragon. In the blink of a thousand years, the forces of darkness are eager to move, and the divine alliance of humans and elves is gradually forgotten. Who can bring the tribes against the doomsday invasion again? Players can wear the ring of the dragon and begin the legend of the Savior! This game tells a story of human recasting the magic ring to save the world. Players can play warriors, wizards, archers 3 profession against the demons, and each profession has different combat characteristics, players can choose their favorite career to play according to the characteristics of each occupation, to defend the security of this magical continent. The game has a variety of battle formation systems, such as Dragon Wing, Dragon Pulse, Dragon Blood, etc., and also joins PK gameplay such as Dragon City Hegemony and Monsters. Contact Us Follow fanspage and contact the administrator to get the Free luxury gift packs. Game features ——Unprovoked 3D writing magical myth With the New Flash3D technology development, The lens can be rotated freely to adjust the height of the lens to zoom in and out, and obtain various gentlemen's perspectives through looking down or looking up. The game 3d uses modeling and mapping to create a huge and magical city in mythology, and builds a mythical world of fantasy and magic. Full of magic and fantasy elements, the mythical world of beautiful and realistic realism is waiting for you to explore. ——The Sandbox mode is free to explore The Rise of Dragons combines the most popular sandbox game mode now, avoiding the player being overwhelmed by endless tasks. In addition to exciting player campaign missions, intense Terran VS Devil bloody battle, players are also free to explore the world, go to deserted villages and feel the cruelty of the devil. Help passers-by on the road who ask for help, or steal their money and give up. Or team up with friends to explore the maze tombs deep in the ground. There is magical adventure without rules, come to open it. ——Instant battles and cool combos The Rise of Dragons uses the latest physics engine, excellent combat sense, cool magic, smooth and rich movements, will bring a special experience for players. Players can truly experience the achievements and pleasures of playing the sword to kill the enemy in the game. Although the styles of each occupation are different, they have their own characteristics: the warrior's blade storm and flying shield, the wizard's ice gun and fireball, the hunter trap and the sword rain. A variety of brain holes open smoothly, let your play! ——Specially made dragon ring system The ultimate killing-dragon solider and the dragon ring can form a resonance, so that the hero wearing the dragon ring becomes the most dazzling star! The classic king dragon ring will have a large health bonus, the flame dragon ring is the anti-day PK reduction, and the battle-specific black light dragon ring is to greatly enhance the attack power. Leading the Dragon City is not a dream!

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Update Content Optimization: 1. Optimized the guild member list sorting display 2. Optimized the Master's use of flash skills, now the operation is more smooth 3. When using the skill, the shortcut bar skill icon is refreshed and the skill and cooling skills are now clearly identifiable 4. When there is a large ore, the main interface displays the crystal mine icon 5. Players who enter the ice battlefield late can get personal stamp compensation 6. Optimize the distribution of the frozen battlefield camp


  • Unprovoked 3D writing magical myth
  • The Sandbox mode is free to explore
  • Instant battles and cool combos
  • Specially made dragon ring system

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