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In the last century, when an outer space exploration spacecraft flew to a planet, it failed and forced to land on an unknown planet that humans had never been to, codenamed Lost Planet. Due to the very serious failure of the spacecraft, the parts of the spacecraft were scattered to all corners of the planet when the man was forced to land, and the astronauts had to search for parts and debris to complete the escape. However, i did not expect that this planet is a world of aliens. He has to face a wave of monster attacks. Can he escape from the monsters? Kill the ultimate Boss? Everything is in the game... Game features ——Easy to place, automatic combat You don't need any placement games, place your turret, and your turret will fight for you automatically! Eliminate aliens and get gems to upgrade to higher power and advanced turrets! ——Upgrade skills, strengthen your combat power A variety of different levels of turrets, a variety of attack firepower, unlimited multi-match strategy, unfathomable exploration of the secret, only to continuously improve their combat power, can challenge a higher level! —— Hell mode, the strongest king The unique segment challenges the gameplay and constantly challenges the limits! Invade the highest glory of the strongest king and win the strongest badge that belongs to you! ——Multiple scenes The various scenes of the alien planets are not only the flames of hell, the waste land, but also the various special shapes of the ice and fire world to satisfy the fun of exploration! ——Survival Redemption, Resistance to Aggression The red alert has already sounded, and a wave of aliens has emerged. For the survival of mankind, I can only resist, because I am... Earth!

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