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See more websites the way you expect to! Tired of being treated like a second class citizen, browsing the web on Windows? The fact is that the Internet Explorer rendering engine is pretty solid, but that many websites presume it isn't, and decide to offer you an inferior web experience. This could be a very basic mobile site, or no mobile site at all. By turning "Magic" on, in this app, the app will tell websites that you are browsing via a WebKit Browser (like Safari or Chrome), and as a result, the website you get back from the server can be much more pleasing! How does the app do this? Well, it changes the "User Agent" to that of an iPhone browser (on Mobile) or that of an iPad browser (on Desktop). Don't expect miracles, but the magic switch might just get the web page you need to work! Features: Buttons: - Back button. - Refresh button. - Search - enter a URL, or run a search on Google. - Magic toggle - turn the magic on or off. Additional Menu options: - Clear Domain Cookies* - Clear Cached Content* - Rate This App - Share This App * if your web experience degrades, please try these options.

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Mike Irving

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Mike Irving

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Usa la ubicación
Detecta el movimiento actual del dispositivo
Tiene acceso a la conexión de Internet y actúa como servidor.
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Obtén esta aplicación cuando hayas iniciado sesión en tu cuenta Microsoft e instálala en hasta diez dispositivos Windows 10.

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English (United States)

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