Accelerate the design and development of your applications with a Partner Technical Consultant

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Maximize your advantages as a Microsoft partner and access the support of technical presales and implementation consultants for your application in the cloud.

Address the main challenges in developing a solution in Azure with the assistance of a Partner Technical Consultant (PTC) to accelerate your design and deployment. In addition, receive guidelines to publish your application in the Microsoft Business Marketplace.

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As a software developer and Microsoft partner, you can connect with a Partner Technical Consultant (PTC) to provide you with personalized technical consulting for developing Azure cloud applications, tips on how to migrate from on-premises environments and publish your solution to the market.

Access this benefit through your Distributor of trust so that he can make the request in Partner Center with the corresponding procedures. Once the application is completed, a PTC will contact you to coordinate the technical consulting.

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Silver or Gold partners (with valid contracts) and MPN registered partners with an active MAP package can access the benefits of this program:

Accelerate application development

Save time in the development of your applications through remote contact with our Partner Technical Consultants (PTC). Take advantage of these resources:

  • Guidance of setup for development (service configuration and deployment).
  • Architecture and design consult on solutions.
  • Migration guidance from on-premises service to cloud services.
  • Publishing to Marketplace.
  • Partner Center API.
  • Sample code review of your light proof-of-concept (POC)*
    *Any light proof-of-concept is provided for illustrative purposes only, so it should not be used in production environments.

Technical pre-sales support
Pre-sale stage

Work with our team to generate more leads from technical queries focused on improving your business. Take advantage of these resources:

  • Proof-of-Concept Guidance (PoC).
  • Business value proposition.
  • Competitive assitence.
  • Bill of Materials guidance (BOM).
  • Feature overview and comparison guidance.
  • Technical licensing recommendations.
  • Request for proposal (RFP) questions.

Advisory services
Deployment stage

Accelerate the design and deployment phases of your solution. Drive consumption of your solutions with handling in non-production environments. Take advantage of these resources:

  • Design and implementation guidance.
  • Test environment review.
  • Solution integration assistance.
  • Migration and deployment planning.
  • Scenario guidance and solution architecture.
  • Partner-internal deployment guidance.

Partner enablement
Preparation stage

Gain insights for you and your team to get more leads. Take advantage of these resources:

  • Expand your capabilities to develop solutions.
  • Incorporate new Technical Scenarios.
  • Attain an initial understanding of a Cloud Portfolio or Priority Scenario.


These benefits apply based on the membership level of each partner. Remember that, if you do not have a Silver or Gold competency or an active MAP, you can ask your Disti to contact you with a PTC. 

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Technical Presales and Deployment Services (TPD)

Use Technical Presales and Deployment Services for remote, personalized, one-to-one consultations to build your technical capabilities faster to increase sales, deploy more effectively, and accelerate app development. Microsoft Partners with Gold, Silver and Action Pack offers use Partner Advisory Hours for consultations In addition, Gold and Silver partners receive unlimited presales assistance.

Offer Type

Number of Advisory Hours

Technical Presales







Action Pack (MAP)


Deducts Advisory Huyrs

*Network members can purchase Microsoft Action Pack to receive 5 advisory hours.

Join Partner Network now. Compare here the right partner offers for you and grow your business together with Microsoft.

Learn more about MAP and how to activate it in this link.

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Receive technical support from a Microsoft Partner Technical Consultant through customized sessions with virtual whiteboard, reviews of your application architecture and demos with real-world scenarios aligned with each solution area:

Business Apps

Boost your customers’ engagement capabilities by harnessing their full data spectrum for AI-powered analysis. Intelligent solutions like Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Platform can empower businesses to make more informed, customer-driven decisions.

See the type of Technical Consultations for Business Apps here.


Learn how to migrate an existing application, accelerate the development of a new one, or get to market faster. Dive into our server migration, data migration, SAP on Azure, application innovation, artificial intelligence, analytics, and IoT options.

See the type of Technical Consultations for Azure here.

Modern Workplace

Get prepared to address the real-world scenarios you encounter when closing deals and deploying Modern Workplace solutions. Get assistance closing sales for Microsoft 365 for Cloud Productivity, Device Management, and Security solutions. Work with our Consultants to help you enhance your organization's capabilities for deploying, managing, and securing Microsoft 365.

See the type of Technical Consultations for Modern Workplace here.

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Remember to ask your trusted Disti for help in receiving PTC support!

To learn more about the technical Pre-Sales and deployment program visit this site.

Start now to improve your capabilities and accelerate your business with Microsoft!

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