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With Business Central, SMBs get an end-to-end view of their business with integrated intelligence when and where they need it. Help them get started and grow at their own pace over time by extending the app to meet their unique or industry-specific business needs.

*Business Central is currently available in Brazil, Colombia, Perú,México, Chile, Puerto Rico, and Argentina.

The opportunity

SMBs customers are constantly evaluating new solutions to make their businesses perform better, faster and smarter than the competition. As the world transforms to digital format and the SMBs market becomes more competitive, customers are looking for ERP and CRM solutions that work with their existing systems and that can be easily deployed by the technology providers they already know and trust. 

According to a study by Nucleus Research: "Microsoft Dynamics Enterprise Applications for SMB", customers say their challenges are disconnected, outdated and legacy systems and reporting limitations.

Disconnected systems: 54% of organizations struggle with process and system integration issues.

Reporting limitations: 50% of organizations think that creating and configuring reports is too complicated.

Outdated and legacy systems: 50% of organizations want to replace outdated hardware and software to enhance business performance.

Due to this situation, you can add Dynamics 365 Business Central to your solution offerings to empower SMBs with a connected and easy-to-use ERP system that helps them thrive in their market. 


Why is this the best time to sell Dynamics 365 Business Central?

  • By selling Dynamics 365 Business Central, you can build a stronger customer relationship, boost engagement, and drive more revenue from your existing customers. Capture your share of 41% year-over-year growth: There is a continued boost in the number of customers adopting many Dynamic 365 workloads, with total 41% year-over-year growth in net earnings.


  • Increase average revenue per user: By attaching Dynamics 365 Business Central to your Microsoft 365 customers, partners will increase the average revenue for each Microsoft 365 seat by up to 84%.
  • Drive revenue quickly: Dynamics 365 solutions generate five times more revenue than Microsoft 365.


  • Differentiate yourself: Express your unique value by combining the best of productivity and enterprise in a connected platform.


  • Increased sales and cross-selling: Extend your revenue and increase opportunities while reducing churn with Dynamics 365 applications.
How to start?
Train yourself!


We provide you with this on-demand content so you can acquire intermediate technical knowledge about Dynamic 365 from wherever you are, and thus help your customers work with cloud-based solutions and services contributing to their digital transformation.

You must be registered in the Latam Partner University learning platform in order to access these trainings through the links provided below

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Intermediate Technical Training


DISCLAIMER: These are the countries in which Business Central is currently available: Brazil, Colombia, Mexico and Peru. New countries will soon be announced.


Learning path for skills required for MB-800 certification: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Functional Consultant by Microsoft Fundamentals.

In addition, see the trainings and complementary events that we have for you. Link


Microsoft partner benefits
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Marketing materials
to succeed in
the market

Below, you will find resources that will help you take advantage of this opportunity:

            How to use this campaign

            Iconography for use with customers

            Email Template

            Business Central Presentation

            Presentation how to connect your business with Business Central

            Sales Script presentation for Business Central


Know the incentives to
increase your benefits

Microsoft Partner Investments and Incentives is a program that enables partner growth and innovation through a combination of industry-leading economic and non-economic benefits designed to help you expand your solutions and business.

  • Grow your business: drive your business growth with a variety of global programs, local offerings to support market needs, and reinvestment opportunities.



  • Help your customers solve problems: Extend your customer solutions with programs designed to drive digital transformation.
  • Get rewarded for your success: whether you're driving usage or adding customers, your efforts are supported and financially rewarded.



  • Learn about CPOR incentives here.

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