Introducing the Microsoft Cloud Partner Program

Introducing the Microsoft Cloud Partner Program

Everything you need to know.
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The evolution of Microsoft Partner Network programs

We are announcing major changes to the Microsoft Partner Network programs as a reflection of our ongoing commitment to partners. As of October 2022, the name of our partner program "Microsoft Partner Network" will evolve to "Microsoft Cloud Partner Program." This change will allow all partners in the ecosystem to achieve more opportunities for success, whether they build and sell services, software solutions or devices.

Microsoft is evolving its partner network, composed of more than 400,000 organizations globally, seeking to continue helping both partners and customers in the digital transformation process. While the world continues to change, Microsoft seeks to continue investing and bringing partners everything they need to continue innovating and growing their businesses, delivering solutions that adapt to the changing needs of customers.

You can read more about this announcement on the official Microsoft blog.



What's new?

The Microsoft Cloud Partner Program is designed for all partners in the Microsoft ecosystem, whether they develop and sell services, software solutions or devices, and will be focused on six solution areas, aligned with the Microsoft cloud:

(Data and AI)

Infraestructure (Azure)

Digital + App innovation (Azure)

Business Apps

Modern Work



We know that clients are looking for partners with expertise and proven knowledge in each of these areas, so each partner will be able to differentiate themselves from the competition and demonstrate their knowledge by obtaining one of the new designations of solution partners.


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Starting in October 2022, the new solution partner designations will help identify their broad technical capabilities and extensive experience in high-demand Microsoft Cloud solution areas.

They will also showcase their proven ability to deliver successful results to customers.

By earning solution partner designations, you will demonstrate the breadth of your organization's capabilities to deliver customer success in the solution areas where we see customer demands and where you can scale to meet customer needs.


How do I get a solution partner designation?

For this, Microsoft has developed a partner capability scoring system that measures their performance, skills and success with customers. Thus, the score will evaluate the partners based on their certifications, added customers, successful implementations and overall growth:

This category is measured by net customer additions.

This category verifies and demonstrates your dedication to training through intermediate and advanced certifications.

Customer success
This category is measured by the growth of use and the number of solution deployments.


To earn a solution partner designation, each partner must score at least 70 points (out of 100 available) across these measurement areas.

You can check your current score by accessing your dashboard in the Microsoft partner portal.



Benefits for solution partner designations

To support you in expanding your business, going to market, and reaching more customers, we've updated the benefits and aligned them across the six solution partner designations.

When you earn a solution partner designation, you are eligible to receive the new benefits package associated with that designation. This includes product benefits (IUR, cloud licenses and Azure credits), marketing services, customer-facing badges, technical pre-sales and implementation services, technical support and eligibility for incentives.

Learn more in the Solution Partner Benefits Guide.

You can also choose to keep the benefits associated with your legacy competencies until they expire and not adopt the new solution partner benefits.

Roadmap - Important dates

After this official announcement, we invite you to check the most important dates to keep an eye on the arrival of the Microsoft Cloud Partner Program and be able to adapt your business plans in time and in advance to these changes.

September 30, 2022: The last date to renew a legacy competition.


From October 3, 2022 to the date of the partner's next anniversary:


Obtainable solution partner designations will be available on October 3.

Partners who meet the requirements will earn a solution partner designation and receive the new customer-facing badge.

Legacy competencies and associated badges will no longer be valid, but members who have a competency before September 30, 2022 will continue to receive legacy benefits until their next anniversary date. After that time, we will provide options for them to continue acquiring legacy benefits.


On the date of the partner's first anniversary (after October 3, 2022):


Partners who earn a solution partner designation can choose to migrate to the upgraded solution partner benefits or keep their legacy benefits, and pay the appropriate fee.

Partners who do not meet the requirements for a solutions partner designation but have renewed a competency by September 30, 2022, will have the option to continue paying the fee to retain their legacy benefits.




Readiness - Events

Get ready for these changes by participating in the various events and trainings exclusive to Microsoft partners.

    A man sitting, using a laptop

Microsoft Partner Network Evolution: Session I
June 15th - Event in English

See a recap of session I



Microsoft Partner Network Evolution: Session III
TBD - Event in English

Registration available soon

Additional resources

Review this material to understand the program in more depth.

General presentation   Partner designations   Benefits guide   Additional resources
Explore information about the program in a practical guide presentation.   Options for existing Microsoft partners to transition to new designations in the Microsoft Cloud Partner Program.   Learn more about the up-to-date benefits of solution partner designations.   Find more information about each solution partner designation in the training gallery.
Read more here   Read more here   Read more here   Read more here


Frequently asked questions
Frequently asked questions about Solutions Partner designations, competencies, specializations/expert programs, benefits, and more.
Read the FAQ here


Learn more about the Microsoft Cloud Partner Program here


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