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Windows Server 2022 Availability Announcement

Microsoft has announced the availability of Windows Server 2022, a version that will allow customers to run their critical applications and services with complete security and confidence in the Azure cloud, on-premise and Edge. This new version can be marketed from September.

With this announcement, the price of Windows Server Standard Edition in EA/EAS/SCE will have an increase of 10%, as well as Windows Server User and Device Client Access License (CALs), which will have the same increase of 10%.

The price increase will also be 10% for Windows Server Standard, User and Device Client Access License (CALs) through the Open and CSP programs. The Enterprise and Core CAL suites, which include products other than Windows Server, will not be modified.

Windows Server Standard Core Infrastructure Suite (CIS), meanwhile, will have a price increase of 5%.

Through the Service Provider License Agreement (SPLA), partners will see a 10% price increase for Windows Server Standard and Datacenter Edition; 7% for CIS Datacenter and 5% for CIS Standard. All changes for SPLA will be effective as of January 1, 2022.

The price increases detailed above will apply to the Commercial, Education and Government segments.

To learn more about all these changes, you can register for free to the Windows Server Summit 2020 digital event here and take a look at Windows Server 2022.

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