LSP – Welcome kit for partners

LSP partners form a key part of the Microsoft alliance ecosystem. With the need to create custom solutions designed to meet customers' specific business needs, licensing solution providers need to stay up to date in terms of licensing and operations.

For this we have created this welcome kit for LSP partners, in which you will find onboarding materials, resources to increase or reinforce your knowledge in operations and licensing, among others, with the aim of being able to make a better landing for new employees of your organization.

  Onboarding tips & resources
Learn more about the role and responsibilities of LSP partners
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Task Responsible Resources

LSP communication/ownership:

  • Reminder for EAS Y2, Y3 orders
  • Follow up TUP/OLS reconciliations E2E incl Zero TUP
  • Customer/Partner Credit Check
  • Contract package creation and PO and signing
  • Document upload though CLT
  • Provide pricing to Customers for locked/current pricelist prices.
  • COCP (Change of Channel Partner)
  • Coordinate communications with EOC Credit team reg Invoices, credit rebill
  • Licensing and pricing changes, communication to customers
  • Change of Customer Name
  • Define common commercial strategy (LSP/MS)
  • Adding additional billing agreements and tenants
  • Pulling existing contracts for the customer out of e-agreements

LSP escalation (MOET, POET, reconciliations, reservations etc.)
if no ODM is assigned


How to engage with Operations

System and Tools Onboarding - Call Logging Tool (CLT)

COCP Exceptions (Change of Channel Partner)


How to engage with Operations

Change of channel partner and legal entity


  Licensing and Operations materials
Get all the resources needed to stay up to date
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List of resources

Get Licensing Ready

Get Licensing Ready is a complete resource for anyone who needs to learn about Microsoft licensing.

You can access over 50 modules that teach you about every aspect of licensing Microsoft products and the programs through which they're sold. Each module, organized into tracks, includes a training video, a one or two-page reference document, and an exam to check your knowledge.

Click here to access the Get Licensing Ready website.

Commercial Licensing Events

Learn all about the upcoming events & recent recordings and register to join them live

Every webinar is recorded and made available for on-demand viewing.

Click here to learn more about the Licensing webinar library.

Licensing Resources and Documents

Search for a specific licensing resources and documents by category, including licensing use rights, licensing programs, products, Microsoft supplemental terms and conditions, common licensing topics, customer resources and training resources.

Click here to search Licensing resources and documents.

LSP Fundamentals

Here you will find upcoming Sessions that you can register for, and you will also find past event recordings. These sessions give an operational overview of the VL programs – Enterprise, Select Plus, MPSA (Microsoft Products & Services Agreement), EES (Education and Enrolment for Education Solutions)- including an overview of channel agreements, program structures, system and tools, price lists, ordering, additional processes, and Q&A facilitated by Microsoft operations teams.

LSP Fundamentals calls are dedicated to assist new partners, new employees in partner organizations, or for those who seek refreshers on these topics.

Click here to see the LSP Fundamentals Listing Page

LSP On-Demand Training Videos

View the on-demand partner training modules below to understand VL programs, systems and tools and the basics to transact with Microsoft. These modules can be viewed in entirety, or you may select the individual modules you would like to view. This is specifically targeted to LSP partners and cover Enterprise Agreement (EA), Enterprise Agreement Subscriptions (EAS), Server and Cloud Enrollment (SCE), Select Plus, Microsoft Products and Services Agreement (MPSA) and Enrollment for Education Solutions (EES).

Click here to explore the LSP On-Demand Training Videos Listing Page

Onboarding to LSP programs

Find onboarding resources for Volume Licensing (VL) programs—Enterprise, Select Plus, MPSA, and EES (Enrollment for Education Solutions).

Click here to access the Onboarding to LSP programs


Operations Readiness

Use these resources to stay updated on new program information and upcoming changes.

Click here to browse these resources is one of the most commonly used portals for Operations content. Use this document to learn about this tool, how to access and how to use it.

Click here to download the document

Create a CLT

In this video you will learn to locate the Call Logging Tool (CLT) and submit queries using the appropriate taxonomy for each scenario.

Click here to access the tutorial on how to create a CLT

Enterprise Partner Community Listing Page

Here you will find Enterprise Community Q&A calls are dedicated to assist Enterprise partners with questions related to launches and upcoming changes.

Click here to explore the Enterprise Partner Community Listing Page

Creating Enterprise Agreement (EA) contracts for signature

This guide describes various scenarios for when an EA contract package will need a signature. It looks at the requirements for each scenario and how to avoid delays in processing EA package submissions. There's also a short refresher on EA compliance.

Click here to download the document on how to create Enterprise Agreement (EA) contracts for signature


Enterprise Quarterly calls

Here you will find upcoming community events for the Enterprise Community Q&A calls, dedicated to assist Enterprise partners with questions related to launches and upcoming changes.

Click here to register for upcoming Enterprise calls

More resources

Click to learn about Commercial Licensing Terms

Click to learn about Avoiding defects when submitting agreements

Click to learn about how to Create a Server Cloud Enrolment (SCE)

Click to learn about Completing the Product Selection Form

Click to learn about Types of Customer Price Sheet

Click to learn how to Order: CPS, Order pricing table and Future Pricing table

Click to learn about Completing the METEAOP form

Click to learn about Placing orders in the Partner Order Entry Tool (POET)



  Tools Overview & Readiness
Get all the resources needed to stay up to date
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You need to have access to all these tools when working with Microsoft Operations. We recommend having several people in your organization with knowledge of these tools to always be available to resolve any issues.


Name of Tool


Why do you need this

Link of Tool



Repository of most forms and resources to specific programs and reports- Agreements, Order, license confirmation details and Products / Prices. It contains shortcuts to many of the Tools. 

Access to

System and Tools Onboarding - (

CLT (Call Login Tool)


CASE management Tool for Partner communication regarding the Program and Operation related inquiries. 

Access to CLT

System and Tools Onboarding - Call Logging Tool (CLT) (

Volume Licensing Partner Center (MVLPC)


Operations Portal for MPSA - Sale Package, Ordering, Returning, & Search/Validation and data reporting.

Access to MVLPC

Reporting topics for the MPSA Program (

eAgreements (VLCM)*


Agreement PKG Creation Tool for partner to submit agreements electronically except Open License, School & MPSA. Enable to submit the Update Statement (Zero Usage Report) under EA. Enable to request COCP for some scenarios.

Access to eAgreements

How to use the eAgreements tool (

Partner Self-Serve (PSS) *


Partner Quotes, Partner Order Entry Tool (POET) & VL Credit Tool.

Access to Partner Self-Serve


Partner Quotes (PQ) 

CPS Creation

Under Partner Self-serve. CPS Creation by partner for Enterprise deals.

Access to Partner Quotes

Using the Partner Quotes tool (

Partner Order Entry Tool (POET)


 Under Partner Self-serve. Order entry tool for EA ordering scenarios, like EA True-up and EAS Anniversary order, CASA, OV and SelectPlus

Access to Partner Order Entry Tool

System and Tools Onboarding - Partner Order Entry Tool (POET) (

VL Credit Utility


Under Partner Self-serve. All VL Program except MPSA. 

Credit Requests & Future Billing Cancellation. 

Access to VL Credit Utility

VL credit request utility within Partner Self-Serve (PSS) (

Volume Licensing Service Center (VLSC)

License Information

Customer Portal and System for License Management

Access to VLSC

VLSC Training & Resources | Microsoft Volume Licensing

Microsoft Operation Readiness


Ops Program Reference and Ops Communications.

Access to Operations Readiness

Operations readiness resource gallery how-to guides (


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