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Microsoft Financing


Choose a customized payment plan tailored to your individual business needs - and realize the benefits from your IT solution as you pay.

"We wanted a predictable pricing model that delivered value for money. In addition, we wanted adding and upgrading software to be a simple and manageable exercise." Ian Carter, IT Director EMEA, IMG - IMG Global Success Story

Predictable and Affordable Financing

We help organizations of all sizes finance a range of technology needs including:

  • Software Licensing – all Microsoft Volume Licensing programs supported

  • Services – such as deployment or training

  • Partner or 3rd Party Products

With Microsoft Financing, down-payments are generally not required, competitive interest rates are fixed and terms range from two to five years. Payments are customized to meet your needs with options such as monthly, quarterly, semi-annual structures, as well as deferral, ramped or skipped payments available.

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For large organizations

With Microsoft Financing, there is no reason to delay an IT investment that can help you generate returns and manage growth. Make strategic investments in your organization's future with a powerful IT solution and customized payment structure that can help you reduce costs and improve productivity, while preserving capital and corporate lines.

"We wanted a predictable pricing model that delivered value for money. In addition, we wanted adding and upgrading software to be a simple and manageable exercise."
Ian Carter , IT Director EMEA, IMG.
Read the IMG Global Success Story

For midsize organizations

An affordable and predictable payment plan can help you reduce costs while gaining efficiencies from a complete IT solution. We cover software, services such as deployment, and Partner or 3rd party products. By working with a Microsoft Solution Partner who understands your business, you can align IT costs to the benefits and ensure the solution is part of a long-term plan rather than just a quick fix.

"Microsoft Financing's responsiveness was a huge value during the proposal process. They were very communicative and responsive and moved it along in just two weeks from beginning to end."
Amy Sabala, Senior Director of Corporate Finance, Hampton Products.

Developer Tools – per user license

Whether you're managing your business virtually or looking to purchase your first server, we offer fast, affordable, and predictable payment plans to help you get the IT solution you need. With a customized payment structure tailored to your budget, you can acquire software, services or partner products to streamline processes and grow your business.

How Can Microsoft Financing Help Your Organization?

  • Financing at point of sale - Enjoy the convenience of purchasing your IT and securing the financing from a single source.

  • Preserve your capital – No large, upfront cost or hidden fees translate into predictable payments spread over time so you can apply your capital and credit lines to other strategic priorities.

  • Known and fixed repayments – Rely on a fixed interest rate and the agreed repayment schedule ranging between 24 to 60 months.

  • Finance the entire IT solution - As well as financing your Microsoft solution, you can also finance partner and 3rd party services and products under one agreement.

  • No hidden charges – There is typically no deposit or down-payment required and no administration or end of term settlement payments.

  • Easy application process - Once an initial finance application is received, an approval decision is reached in less than a day typically.

  • Stay agile - At any time during the contract, you can add new products, services or upgrades with supplemental financing starting at US$3,000. Additional credit approval may be required.

  • Optimize Your IT Roadmap – By working with a Microsoft Solution Partner who understands your business, you can align IT costs to benefits and ensure the solution is part of a long-term plan rather than just a quick fix.

Payments can remain predictable over time, while the benefits you realize from your IT solution grow.

1, 2, and 3 year benefit comparison

Flexibility to Meet Your Needs

With Microsoft Financing, you get structured payments that help you better match payments with your budget, cash flow, and deployment schedule. Structured payments could include monthly, quarterly, or semiannual payment dates, including ramped or skipped payments.

  • Ramped payments start low and increase as benefits of the IT solution are realized. (For example, a company can make lower payments during deployment.)

  • Skipped or deferred payments postpone payment for up to six months. (For example, a company can acquire an IT solution in October, but delay the first payment until January at the start of its new fiscal year).

The Best Option for Your Business

Choose from the following simple and flexible financing options to get the IT you need.

Software License Financing

For businesses that want to purchase Microsoft licenses alone, rather than an entire technology solution involving services or Partner and 3rd party products. Learn more about Software Licensing Financing.

Total Solution Financing

Finance the entire cost of your technology solution—including software, services and Partner or 3rd party products—and manage the costs as one investment. Learn more about Total Solution Financing.

Fast Facts about Microsoft Financing

Reducing costs is forefront in the mind of every business leader, but it is also important to maintain growth and sustain your business. Now your organization can do both. Microsoft Financing provides a complete solution that includes reliable technology that will increase employee productivity, along with affordable, predictable and strategic financing that preserves existing capital.

Did You Know...

  1. You can increase cash flow with Microsoft Financing? Financing means you can increase your liquidity and preserve capital for core business needs.

  2. Microsoft Financing is available in 15 Markets? Markets include Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Korea, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Spain, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

  3. Financing has been made simple with two available program offers?

  4. With Microsoft Financing, you benefit from predictable payments instead of upfront cost? You can spread the cost of new software, services, and partner products over monthly or semi-annual payments.

What Customers Are Saying

"With Microsoft Financing’s solution we still have cash to sustain our core business, and if we decide to expand or acquire new business, all our credit facilities are still intact with our bank; we are free to use our assets for loans against core business investments. We have invested in the future of our company without impacting our current financial strength."
Philip Limvers, Finance Director, Securicor Netherlands

Get Started

Contact a partner through Microsoft Pinpoint or send e-mail to Microsoft Financing today.

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