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The only online multiplayer soccer game on Windows Phone, with over 3 million downloads and 4+ star rating. Winner of Microsoft Windows 8 & Windows Phone competitions. Reviewers have rated it as Exceptional and one of the best games on Windows Phone. Air Soccer Fever lets you enjoy hours competing against anyone in the world or you could play a quick local match. From exciting soccer stadiums to several gameplay modes and world-wide leaderboard, it has everything to offer to a casual gamer. Do not mistake this for just another air hockey game, Its swipe-action gameplay mechanics and strategy makes it much more challenging and Fun. * 1 Player Friendly Match against the device * 2 Player Friendly Match on the same device * Tournament Mode against the device * Online Multiplayer over Internet against anyone in the world * Worldwide leaderboards * Lots of settings to tweak the gameplay to your liking * Cool graphics with 8 soccer fields and 8 soccer balls * Over 100 teams & nations to select from * Beginner, Amateur, Professional, World class skill * Time match mode and Goal match mode * Realistic game physics Download and have loads of fun - play online multiplayer to deliver virtual humiliation to your opponents worldwide. Don't forget to rate the game a 5-star :)


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Fix for multiplayer gameplay, leaderboards, new fields Windows Phone 8 version with brand new leaderboards



Dangling Concepts


Dangling Concepts



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