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CastleMine returns to Windows Phone 8 with a brand new Deluxe Edition! This new version features more levels, new visual and audio effects and vastly improved performance that is gentler on your battery! This is the best version of CastleMine yet! GAMEPLAY Defend your castle from the evils that lurk below in this unique strategy game! You will need to dig deep into the earth to uncover treasures and destroy the enemies threatening your castle. Your foes will follow the path you dig so you must decide… Will you dig long and winding paths to slow your enemies down? Will you dig in search of treasure to help improve your defenses? Or will you dig up the cursed skulls that increase the power of your enemies but grant you greater rewards? These are the decisions you must make as both you and your castle grow in power! GAME FEATURES • A player skill tree featuring 165 upgrades across 33 unique skills. • Upgradable defense towers that gain XP as they fight. • Strategic support towers that improve adjacent defenses. • Unique strategy options where you control the path your enemies take. • 60 challenging levels. • Digging. Everybody loves digging.


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VERSION • Improved tower targeting to focus on enemies closer to the castle. • Added an optional in-app purchase to remove all ads. • Multiple bug fixes. VERSION • Fixed a bug where towers were fractionally less efficient when firing in fast speed mode. VERSION • Fixed a bug where the game would not launch on some Windows Phone 8.1 devices. VERSION • Minor bug fixes



Mugshot Games


Mugshot Games



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