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Kirjeldus Version: * Add the move method that by finger gesture The "Classic Rune Master" is a great brain game. You need to pass a series of stages to prove yourself to become a real Rune Master. The game will challenge every aspect of your brain in ways that you have never imaged before. ★ The game's rules are simple - Move stones to align the same color of stones for 4 or more in a line, and eliminate them. ★ Hone your tactical skills with planning and forecasting movement. ★ You can spice up the puzzle with item deployment. ★ You can swap a stone with any of the eight neighboring stones. ★ You can regain the Sprit in various ways during the game. ★ Move stones to align the same color of Rune Stones for 4 or more in a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line. ★ You will experience a Tuple when four or more stones are aligned and crushed in a line. A “Match” is for a set of the same color of Rune Stones for 4 or more. A “Double” is earned when you crush two sets of matches with one swap. ★ With a Tuple, you will gain more points and the Spirit. ★ The Rune Stones above the crushed stones will move downward to fill the empty spaces, and they can trigger Combos. You will gain various bonuses with Combos. Other hints: ★ You can earn the spirit as matching SpritStones whose Rune characters are luminescent. ★ You can get bonus when you make Tuples such as Double, Triple..., and so on. ★ You will get extra bonus when you make Tuples as a part of Combo.









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