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'Egypt Revenge' is a -like (marble shoot out, match 3) game with the Egyptian theme. It is easy to play, but truly addictive. Your goal is to clear all the marbles before they reach the end of the path, and meanwhile, achieve Combos, Chains and Gaps as many as possible to get the highest score. How to play: 1. Touch the area of the screen where you want to shoot. 2. Group 3 or more identical marbles together to clear them. 3. Swap the shooting marble by touching the marble emitter. 4. Achieve Chains by clearing marbles continuously using shooting. 5. Achieve Combos by clearing marbles continuously using attracting. 6. Achieve Gaps by clearing distant marbles using shooting. 7. Get a higher score by achieving Combos, Chains and Gaps as many as possible. Features: 1. Very Easy to Play - Suitable for all age groups. 2. Large variety of Beautiful Scenes - 5 different scenes with 90 well designed levels! 3. Flexible Gameplay - This game contains the gameplay which will offer you more fun. 4. Attractive Props - Lightning ball, multi-color ball and more interesting props are available. 5. Growing System – You may reduce the difficulty level by upgrading the marbles with coins you earned in the game.


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