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Pocket Monster: Special Pikachu Edition is a education simulation strategy game with the style of two dimensions pixel.Take risks in the game,you will encounter a variety of different stories, with many kinds of pets.Here are cool skills,competitive ladder + PVP gameplay,new levels and trials,etc.Come on and pick up your pokemon and conquer this fantasy continent with your pokemon! Contact Us Facebook: www.facebook.com/PokemonSpecialPikachu/ Round battle and leisure hang up Hanging on the game is casual and fun, allowing you to experience the fun of the game while freeing your hands! Over 100 adventure maps! Nostalgic battle mode makes you bloody! New landing, the waves sweep the alliance! From classics and beyond classics Classic nostalgic battle mode, top special effects display, rich and varied interaction training gameplay, casual qualifying challenge waiting for you to fight.A period of friendship and an exciting adventure, childhood memories are vivid. Cultivate cute pets and combine different formations Unique training functions, hundreds of different styles, attributes, and a variety of interactive gameplay, capturing rare elves with a new mode of exploration, more strategic fun is no longer a brainless suppression. Join hands with friends to create the strongest team Massive beasts gather to create the most individual combination, treasure hunt, the most powerful trial, a variety of blood games in the arena, etc. Badge achievement, a variety of advanced, thousands of skill combinations; effort values, characteristics, individual values, etc. to enhance the data, all-round sensory feast to accompany you to find happy memories of childhood! Miracle adventure is waiting for you Rare resources can be easily accessed without recharging, friends collaborate online, light leisure games, and oversized adventure maps up to hundreds! Nostalgic battle mode makes you bloody! The role of a hundred changes to install a special effect, massive moves competitive! Come to challenge the league champion! New levels are waiting for you to challenge! A new journey, the hegemony alliance Exams, road hall challenges, various PVP, PVE and other competitions are waiting for you to challenge! Through competition and competition, fighting to become the strongest trainer, you can also experience a variety of interesting things to trigger eggs, such as homes, real estate, guilds and so on.


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New added: 1.Added 7 pokemons Shiny Incineroar, Shiny Primarina, Shiny Decidueye, Skrelp, and Dragalge, etc. 2.Add 11 MEGA pokemons: MEGA Rayquaza, MEGA Meloetta, MEGA Shiny Breloom, MEGA Porygon, etc. 3.Added exclusive items: Ground Core, Rayquaza Bead, Silver Seabell 4.New title: Fishing Celebrity, Fishing Doctor, Ultra Trainer, etc. 5.New features: Soul-Heart, Bulletproof, Soundproof 6.Added 7 generations of skills: Skills enter the seventh generation 7.New effort value training system: The effort value can be obtained through training on the Fengyuan map or by using props. 8.New Hoenn Region: New ships to the Hoenn Region can be reached by boat to the Hoenn Region.


  • The game's story background and battle mode, attribute restraint strategy play, are 100% reproduce the original animation; let you relive childhood joy.
  • Pocket Monster: Special Pikachu not only reproduces the classic gameplay, we also add to the important gameplay system of modern games, real-time PVP between players, called your friends to fight.
  • The road to the king, challenge your own limits.
  • Rare elves can easily get in the miracle exchange.



McChi Network Technology Co., Ltd.



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