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Legendary Pro Pilkki 2 ice fishing game in your pocket! This is a mobile version of the recognized ice fishing multi player simulation. Get ready to explore the snowy landscapes of more than 30 frozen lakes, ponds and rivers. Challenge yourself in single player tournaments and when you think you're good enough, prove it to the other world by joining the public online games. Obviously, you can take another approach: join some relaxed network game just to enjoy the fishing atmosphere and take a chance to chat with other fishermen around.


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New in version 1.4.2 - New lake: Palusjärvi - Player's fish are restored when re-joining the network game - Team score support in network game - Hosting improvements: a) Setting for minimum client game version (/minver) b) Result logs in txt and json-format (static/resultlog) c) Resultlogs can be fetched from host via HTTP (enabled with /resultlog) d) Support for adding bots to network game with custom names and teams (/bots, /addbot, /removebot, /teambot) - Players and the host can change their own team with /team -command - Vibration feedback support - Other minor fixes and improvements



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