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To target at your enemy has been an interesting and daring task from start of hunting history. Sometimes hunt is spontaneous from a real first class hunter in Africa but sometimes it may be accidental while passing away from a strange and dreadful region of ugly and furious creatures. ~PREY Vs PREDATOR~ If you ever think or wish before to become a real world class sniper hunter then I am sure that you are at right place. Download this 100% free 3D featured game with super class models and graphics. I bet that you are going to be addicted to this marvelous game play. Actually before diving into depth I want to clear you that this is not only a game but a challenging mental approach among prey and predator. What should you like to be ! A prey of horrifying and scary of terrible species or you want to be a brave and fabulous sniper predator…? Now choice is yours. Download free Beast Sniper Hunt game right now and drown into the world of thrill and thunder. ~FACE OF THE GAME~ To fight against humans in battlefield is like a casual war but to fight against different specie which you never face in your life ever before is really a challenging, dreadful and horrible task. You were passing from a strange area beside ocean and suddenly many of rats, frogs, and spiders attack you. Not finish, lots of the flying bees are ready to invade at you. Now what should you do? ~PUSH TRIGGER TO EXPLORE BIG FUN~ Don’t lose your hope and courage, attack these bloody and ugly rivals with your sniper gun and tore them into pieces. Game has different lots of the challenging levels with different animals and insects to fight a war at dark and dreadful place. Every animal has its own strength and harm against you but by proving yourself as a superhero you can fall all these evils down. These animals, insects and birds shall appear from sea and air and shall attack upon you. So take your sniper, use shoot focus navigator and zoom, target your shoot, push your gun trigger and start your war. ~TIME TO REVENGE~ If you hate mouse and frog, I‘ll suggest you to choose them to kill, or if you have courage to finish a big crawling spider then you should go against him, or if you are a tremendous target shooter then its fabulous opportunity to sharpen your shoot against lots of flying bees. How to Play: Play Via Touch Device: Align your rapid firing sniper gun straight to animal. Use special 3D gun shooting focus point. Load your gun magazine and push trigger button more and more. Shield and maintain your health bar to live long. Live a long life to surf a real everlasting fun. Use shoot focus zoom to finish your rivals. Play Via PC: - Use the mouse cursor to rotate gun left,right,up and down - Use the left mouse button to fire on beast - Use the right mouse button for clear view



  • Developer has added super cool more advanced 3D zoom feature.



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ZITI Technology Limited


ZITI Games



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