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Test your brain with addictive games in Brain Puzzle FREE, a collection of the most engaging and addictive mind puzzles. We not only offer one type of brain exercises, but many logic problems, memory boosts, and mental games all in one app. Play labyrinth, unblock, memory games, and many more. We continue to add more games so you will never run out of awesome mind puzzles to play. Engage in brain wars with your friends and see who’s the genius! Everyone loves brain training and brain exercises as time killer activity nowadays. These brain exercises help to train your brain to improve concentration and focus so you can be a true genius. However, most apps only offer one type of game each. Brain Puzzle FREE is different because we provide the best MIND PUZZLES all in ONE APP. We also continue to add more and more logic problems and games so you will never get bored. At first, you can access some of our easier games: labyrinth, memory boost, and find items. Then after you play these brain teaser games, you will get some Zolds. Use the Zolds to unlock even more addictive and exciting brain exercises. Some of them will have similar gameplay and some will require more focus and concentration. Our Unblock game, for example: requires great logic skills. ~~~ Best Features of Brain Puzzles FREE – Brain Teaser and Mental Games: ~~~ • All our games are FREE to play. There’s no need to pay to enjoy our time killer games. • Train your brain with various brain exercises and brain training activities. • Collect Zold and unlock more awesome logic problems and mind puzzles to play. • Clear instruction for each game. • HD display and attractive and colorful graphic. • Great activities to improve logic, focus, and concentration for kids and adults. • Increasing difficulty to keep you challenged. • Many more games coming soon! Some of the best puzzles that are included in the game are: # LABYRINTH Tilt your phone to move the ball to let it escape from the labyrinth. On Desktop use arrow keys to play. # MEMORY BOOST Open cards and pair similar cards to remove them from the board. # UNBLOCK Swipe the blocks t make way for a block to escape the board. # FIND ITEMS Find items by seeing its silhouettes within time limits. # MOONWALK Find the right way through the maze through memorization. There are many ways to improve your logic, focus, and concentration. There are also various brain training and brain exercises activities out there. But why choose the boring ways when there are more fun and addictive ways to do it? The best part of our games is that you can replay and replay them again to get better result and even achieve the perfect 3 stars! The more you play, the more Zold you accumulate and the more games you can unlock. Brain Puzzle FREE is also great for kids. We don’t have inappropriate content so you can allow your kids to play our games. Let them have fun and become a genius at the same time!


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In this release : - 100 New levels Added - Performance Improvements - HD graphics - Bug Fixes



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2017 Bytewaves


Bytewaves Inc.



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