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Cut Cut - MagiCut is a free-to-use photo editor app that lets you easily cut and synthesize the background of your photos. == Smart CutOut == With Cut Cut - MagiCut, you can create stunning custom pictures. By simple taps, Auto Cut Paste will select and extract objects through our algorithms, so you can paste that area on any our existing backgrounds. Use montage editing techniques to put yourself next to a celebrity or teleport to any corner of the globe. * With this app, you can combine the contents of multiple photos into one background. * Our algorithms identify your photos, automatically delete background images and cut unwanted images. * Manually process the details of the picture, let you enjoy the fun of editing pictures, instantly transforming the photo processing to reach people without photoshop. * Using the editing function, a few simple steps, you can create artistic works that can satisfy most of your photo editing needs. Add Unique Frames & Templates Add fun loving stickers • Adjust picture – adjust exposure and color, or adjust manually by precise control • Crop – crop the picture to a standard size or freely crop as needed Pip- set your photo in another photo frame with some effective frames. • Fusion – perfectly blending images of different light and shadows • Text - Add artistic or plain text to the image to support multiple style fonts • Blur - Adds an out-of-focus imaging effect (background softening, blurring) to the picture to make it more beautiful and suitable for portrait photography • Templates - Picture scenes created by professional designers • Beauty - Brighten your eyes, brighten your face or rejuvenate, with a beautiful whitening effect • Graffiti - offers a variety of creative brushes to create amazing effects on the picture • Repair - Remove anything you think is destroying photos, including acne and skin blemishes Contact us :




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2018 - 2019


Good Job Apps



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