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The only Chess where the Dinosaurs really come alive! Control an armies of dinosaurs and battle your friend in the Armageddon showdown Chess Battle! Plan, strategize and choose from an arsenal of lightning, asteroids or even TNT. Watch how your Dinos literally destroy the enemies! Playing Chess has proven to help exercise both sides of the brain, increase one's IQ and helps in increasing problem-solving skills. However, many a times, children and even adults find it challenging to learn as there are many rules and a lack of interactivity and animation. No worries. Dino Chess is designed by educators to help you pick up chess easily. It is infused with dinosaurs, animations, explosions, lightning, asteroids, TNT etc to help learning chess fun and easy. Imagine the fun of watching how your Queen Tyrannosaurus zapping the Stegosaurus Bishop with lightning or the Rook Quetzalcoatlus check mate the King Triceraptor with fiery asteroids! These are some of the reviews of Dino Chess users: "I am impressed ! The dinosaurs come alive and I am actually controlling them! I didn't know chess can be so much fun " - Joshua 10 years old. "I like the lightning zaps and asteroid explosions when I exterminate my opponent! " - Isaac 7 years old "The special edition is so fun!" - Samuel 6 years old


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4 Different Gameplay to choose from: #1 : Play the classic Dino Chess Edition #2 : Play the Last Dino Standing Edition #3 : Play the Special Dino Chess Edition - Amazingly Fun and addictive! - You cant find any chess like this ! #4 : Interactive Dino Safari with all your Dino armies


  • Control an army of Dinosaur
  • Classic Chess and different game modes
  • Design your Chessboard
  • Design your Dinosaurs
  • Watch your Dinosaurs come alive and devour your enemies



The Interactive Studio


theinteractivestudio 2013


The Interactive Studio



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