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Are you disappointed with the color reproduction of your monitor? Do you wish to color calibrate it but can't justify shelling out hundreds on a colorimeter? Then if you already own an Android camera phone then Display Calibration is the app for you! A camera is a device that can capture colors, and so can be used to measure and calibrate the colors of your display. All you need is an Android camera phone (e.g. Galaxy S6/S7, Nexus 6, LG G4) running Lollipop or later that supports Android's manual white balance and exposure Camera2 APIs. Color measurement data is transmitted from the camera phone via Bluetooth. Display Calibration analyzes the measurements and produce the desired color calibration data for your monitor, embedded in an International Color Consortium (ICC) compatible profile. The ICC profile can then be installed on your PC to complete the calibration process (this step is performed manually as Windows currently does not allow calibration profiles to be directly installed from a Store app). Requirements --------------- - Bluetooth - An external Android device with a back-facing camera and supporting Android's manual white balance and exposure Camera2 APIs, and running a free "Camera Colorimeter" app by Auralisoft. Please note: iOS/iPhone and Windows Phone devices are ***NOT*** supported. - Access to a reference D65 white point would be useful but if one isn't available, natural sunlight may be a good enough substitute. ***NOTE*** Calibration of monitors connected to USB display adapters (including USB port replicators/docking stations such as Dell D3100) is not supported.







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