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Find local events wherever you are with one app! No need to download a different app for every city you travel to anymore. Our app is all about finding interesting events, locally, wherever you are. The app travels with you and shows events based on your location with just one click on our Browse-button. We have HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF EVENTS listed in the service; from big stadium concerts to small flea markets and everything in-between. We aim to make the world a bit smaller, a bit more fun and a bit more social by allowing you to get closer with what is happening around you – in the real world. We will also suggest new events, and remind you of the ones you already seem to like. We will help you navigate there with a our interactive map. is currently live in these countries collaborating with ticket agencies and local city & tourist boards etc.: Finland, Sweden, Norway, UK, Ireland, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Austria, The Netherlands and Belgium. FOR EVENT GOERS: • Find nearby events wherever you are with one click • Zoom in and out on our map to find more events close by • Type in a city and start browsing • Browse our event categories and use custom filters FOR EVENT ORGANISERS: • create events online directly to our service • get noticed by a wider audience via co-marketing with • get featured on the service & digital marketing channels • find suitable local service providers for your event (e.g. photographers, florists, DJs, bands, catering services) • get analytics about your events and event participants • have automated messages sent to your event participants about your event (before, during and after) • retarget your participants • take advantage of our APIs and plug-ins on your company website FOR SERVICE PROVIDERS: • list your services and find new customers • get your services promoted to local event organisers • get featured on the service & digital marketing channels




Eventz International Corporation


Eventz International Corporation


Eventz International Corporation



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