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(If you want to try Premium version of app, take o look at Holiday Business Premium: Holiday Business game - make your own holiday resort empire. If you really like games similar to Monopoly, this game is for you. You can buy a lot of resorts across the world and building summer houses or pensions if you like. Like in tradicional game of this series you can get a chance card, which can give you a lot of money or give order to go to prison. This game have two modes of gameplay: singleplayer or multiplayer. In both modes you can play with computer players with different types of difficulty(from Easy to Hard or if you have premium from Ultra Easy to Ultra Hard). You can also trade with others players and get possesions that you need the most. If someone doesn't buy possesion, you can take part in auction and get it as soon as possible without standing on them. In every time you can check every informations about current game in log channel. In multiplayer mode you can also play with real friends using local network and chat with them using build-in option in log channel. If you want to get extra bonuses, which gives you additional power in game you can choose from: - Unlimited Transactions per round - Extra Cash - Double Position(when you move your checker) - No Payment(when you stand on someone area) - Unrestricted Come Out from Prison(when you commit a crime and go to jail) If you consume one of them, you can easily refill it using shop section in menu. Game gives ability to set a lot of options like volume of sound, changing main language, setting initial values of every game or enabling transactions, auctions or saving game state in internal memory. If you don't know how to play you can look at help menu and get additional informations about every aspect in game. If you like my work, like my fanpage at or follow me on


Uutta tässä versiossa

- add new, written from scratch network communication with support for iOS platform - fixed error crashing application during starting network game - add link to iOS version of game - setting new welcome alert in game logs


  • singleplayer game
  • multiplayer game
  • computer players
  • buy and sell resorts
  • buy summer houses and pensions
  • auctions
  • transactions
  • interactions with other players
  • complex game settings
  • full game help



mxn dev Mikołaj Płachta


Copyright ©2009-2017 mxn dev Mikołaj Płachta



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