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Homeasy is a free expense tracking application designed to help you manage your finances in a simple and easy way. Only a few simple steps are required for everything to work. In a few minutes you will have control of your finances on all your devices. Set up the calendar easily and quickly by adding recurring transactions. The status of the invoices is automatically updated based on the current monthly expenses. The budget planner (requires the budget pack) will allow you to define budgets by category or subcategory to help you minimize expenses. The main features are: ✔ Unlimited accounts. - Create bank accounts, credit cards, cash, savings ... - Define categories and subcategories for each account. ✔ Unlimited categories and subcategories. - Two levels of categories. - Many category icons to choose from. ✔ Unlimited budgets (Requires budget package). - The budget planner will help you manage your budgets. - Customizable budget period. - The estimated remaining budget is used to calculate the end of month forecast. ✔ Available on all platforms, synchronization with OneDrive. - Use your OneDrive account to share data on all your devices. - Offline changes are synchronized when the device is connected. ✔ Graphic invoice calendar. - Category icons are shown in the calendar. - Color identifier of income and expenses. - Recurring transaction status color code. ✔ Custom reports. - Category filter. - Report configuration (data period, chart type, grouped by ...) ✔ Log in with password / fingerprint. - Keep your data safe. - Log in with fingerprint (when available) If you're looking for an easy-to-use expense tracker, Homeasy is your application, and it's free! Give it a try!






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