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Kill Contract Defence: Strike is combat at countryside of armed enemy military troops. Defence contract is assigned to an important mission. Enemy general ordered to keep hostage and have demands. Mission is to rescue civilians alive and eliminate threats. Enemy is equipped with Ak47 heavy machine guns targeting your commando. A brave soldier/commando can successfully complete objectives. Take controls of commando and start playing adventure of shoot war. M16 has been given to the player. You are shown with a map of territory during start of mission. Start action with M16 entering into enemy area to rescue hostages. Stay focused and do not get shot. Aim precisely with your M16. Make use of unlimited ammunition to eliminate enemies that plan to attach hostages. You are equipped with advanced military systems for navigation, enemy spotting, and precise aiming. You can zoom targets to take clear shots. Kill Contract Defence: Strike is one exciting mission game having many enemies in your way to hostages hidden at various spots aiming to target you. Game has immersive 3D and realistic graphics. Thrilling action music makes gameplay fantastic. Fabulous environment and very smooth frames makes game enjoyable. Realistic sound effects. We hope you love this game. Your feedback and rating will be appreciated. Thank you and best of luck!!


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*** Memory Optimization *** Bugs Fixed *** Device RAM should be more than 512MB


  • Entertaining gameplay
  • Thrilling background action music
  • Easy controls for aiming and movement
  • Shooting adventure strike
  • Third person controller
  • Radar navigation system



Uk Arts Games


UK Arts Games


Uk Arts Games



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