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METROGRAM is your INSTAGRAM Windows Phone Client. *V4* ---------------- - New Design - Post photo through Instagraph - Edit/Delete account - Generate user's avatar - Pin user/tag to start screen - Block user - More user/photo loads automatically at the end of the list - Comment reply - comment preview in recent feed - Semi-offline mode ---------------- Sign in to your INSTAGRAM account and browse Recent updates from people your are following, Popular and Nearby photos. Like, Comment, Share or Save photos, see who else likes them and what people think about. Look at photo owner's profile, see his photos and follow him if you want. Looking for someone? Just hit the "Search" button and search for him using his "Username". You can also use the Search page for searching for photos by tags. You don't have an INSTAGRAM account? Not a problem, you can still browse Popular and Nearby photos, share or save them, search by user or tag and view user profile but not see his photo. *V3.1* ---------------- - Choose between 'up bar' and 'app bar' - Toast notification when you have new followers - Better picture quality for the '1 column' layout for recent stream ---------------- *V3* ---------------- Bugs fix Fast Start New Search page Recognize tags and usernames See if someone follow you back Load more photos from recent stream Load more followers Load more followings Show/Hide like counter on photos Choose BIG or MEDIUM layout for recent stream Manage follow requests ---------------- For more information follow me on Twitter @nas2lor




Nazer Aminou


Nazer Aminou



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