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《Mine World》 is a free casual puzzle 3D sandbox game, you can go to the world by yourself, or you can choose multiplayer online mode, and join hands with your friends!There are no restrictions on the level and rules, there is no prescribed gameplay, only the destruction of the freewheels and the creation of the sky! 【Game Features】 * Free construction: forest, land, the entire game world can be arbitrarily changed by you * Super map: a vast map with a large area, vast world, free to fly! *Multiple modes: forest, continent, desert.. Come and experience different modes with your friends! * Private Territory: If you like this land, take it! Create your own favorite buildings, skyscrapers, gunpowder warehouses, warm cottages, shelters, and build them. * Team battle: There is a division of labor to cooperate, there are challenges and fun, can be single-person adventure, but also a group of friends to challenge the powerful leader. * Monster Battle: Zombies, Sheep, beat them and get rich resources. * Constantly explore: mining minerals, researching crafts and weapons, using traps, etc. to protect yourself. One brick, one tile, one world, free to use your imagination, come and create your own game world!




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