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24/7 PERSONAL PROTECTION WHEREVER YOU ARE Our user friendly app delivers personal protection at the touch of a button. When a distress signal is sent, we know who you are and where you are and our professional operators will dispatch the right responders to you. RESPONSE TIME IS VITAL Because we know every second counts when it comes to emergency situations, MOBI-CLAW 911 services make use of the following: • Quick response to criminal and medical emergencies anywhere in South Africa • A 24 hour Control Room with trained personnel to handle any major emergency • Multi-level reaction of First Responders • IMDPAS- An Intelligent Multi Distribution Panic Alert System – Unique to MOBI-CLAW 911 • Complex state of the art Geo Fencing (Safety Net) for Neighbourhood Watch Groups, CPF Bodies and Security Companies HOW DOES IT WORK • By activating your MOBI-CLAW 911 panic alert, our national network of First Responders is notified. This includes Paramedics, SAPS, Metro Police, your own Armed Response Company and/or your Vehicle Tracking Company • If you are in any MOBI-CLAW 911 registered Neighbourhood Watch Area, your alert will be sent to their volunteer patrollers • If you are kidnapped, hijacked or have your phone stolen during a crime, MOBI-CLAW 911 will be able to follow your phone as long as it stays on • Use MOBI-CLAW 911 for any medical and criminal emergencies that arise and receive a swift coordinated response THE AFFORDABLE SOLUTION FOR PERSONAL SAFETY While you can’t put a price on safety, MOBI-CLAW 911 presents a comprehensive protection solution without breaking the bank. Pricing: R59.50 Monthly subscription Once Off Registration: Principal member:R135 Second member linked to account: R120 Third member linked to account: R110 Forth member plus linked to account: R100 Subscription and Once-off Registration to each user (Phone) User accounts may be linked for invoicing and billing purposes, pricing remains per user Note pricing is reviewed in March every year PREMIUM AMBULANCE PLAN As a MOBI-CLAW911 member you are automatically covered by our Ambulance Plan partnered with ER24 and their affiliates throughout South Africa for stabilisation and transportation. LINKED TO PRIMARY ACCOUNT • R10 monthly subscription per member added (Primary or beneficiary) • Beneficiaries must be linked to a primary subscriber who will be debited BENEFITS ARE: • Emergency Response and Stabilisation • Ambulance transportation • 24 hour Medical information line • 24 hour Medical hotline • 24 hour Telephonic Trauma Counselling




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