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movie animator is the most versatile tool for assembling and making movies on your tablet or computer. With it you can create video mixing materials from different sources: from the SD camera card, built-in device camera, a folder with time lapse pictures, built-in camera used to capture time lapse or included in the program of the text composer. For each of the components of the scene you can add a separate sound and mix it with the sound of movie in different proportions. Each of the scenes - regardless of the source, you can zoom, crop, or create a virtual camera motion by specifying the start and end frames, between which the application will perform the pan or zoom. movie animator is the best tool for video editing, creating time lapse movies, cartoons or video blogs. Key features of the application: - trimming videos with great precision, - precise cropping video sequence or time lapse - virtual movement of the camera allows you to create a moving film from static shots, - built-in filters: sharpen, brightness, contrast, saturation, the effects of wide-angle lenses, - slow down effects of the film, - recording and film processing with built-in camera, - built-in timer for creating time lapse movies allows you to program a time lapse sequence (start time, number of shots, the interval between images) and reassemble a scene with the component video, - possibility of manually creation of cartoons with a connected camera, - separate sound for each scene allowing easily to provide sound track to animations, - scenes mixer can dynamically mix of different scenes while rendering, - professional transition between scenes, - color filters and digital lens effect enriching the film with different dynamic effects, - texts composer allowing to add captions or mix them with other scenes. - own watermark added to the film, - creation of Full HD, 4K, custom size and videos of any bitrate - full operation by mouse or touch, - saving created projects allowing to continue work in the coming sessions.




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