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Capture and re-live your life in video! "My Video Journal" gives users the power to create multimedia diaries or business journals using their Windows 8 device with ease. This app is the perfect resource to capture personal thoughts, family moments, and events. “My Video Journal” is protected via password security that ensures you, and only you, will have access to your accumulated diary entries. NOTE TO USERS: The Password & SkyDrive setups are accessed by swiping from the right of the screen and opening your "Settings". Make a video of yourself discussing the day’s events and see what you looked like, what emotions you had, keep track of the changes of your weight, hair, and overall appearance, or watch your children or grandchildren grow. The app lets you preview your video before you make it a permanent part of your life. Upload pictures and videos of your day to keep a memory of a special occasion or unexpected event. You can title the entries for easy retrieval, and write a description of your entry. The memories that you can save are unlimited. You can easily make an audio record of your day while traveling or in the comfort of your workplace or home. It is convenient, and easier and faster than writing in regular journal. Designed to show entries in calendar view, the app allows you to make multiple entries per day! You can also make or redo entries for any previous days easily. An easy to use one screen user interface makes the app simple to navigate. All your entries are securely saved through your SkyDrive, plus videos recorded on other devices can be entered in your journal using SkyDrive or Dropbox. This app can be used as a daily diary, business log, travel journal, recipe book, fitness program tracker, expense tracker, or whatever else is needed to fit your work or play.




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