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Kuvaus is a magnificent multiplayer game with 3D graphics and intense robot combat gameplay. You enter the arena as a member of one of four teams - you must fight for your team and help them gain the highest arena score by dishing out devastation and destruction to the other robots. Move around the map and attempt to take control of certain areas - throughout the map you can find weapons which provide additional firepower to your primary cannon. Don't forget to use the XP you earn for controlling the map and destroying enemy robots to improve your own stats. The gameplay is fun and the graphics are surprisingly good! Developer was programmed by Mr. F. Features Realistic 3D graphics and animations Different weapons that you can add to your robot You can repair the damaged robot You need to be careful when shooting explosive weapon as it can damage yourself Controls WASD to move Shift to use shield Space bar to dash Left click to use left gun Right click to use right gun B to access shop All rights belong to their respective owners




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