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“A smart math learning game that recognizes and adjusts to your child’s strengths and weaknesses - so that your child is prepared for future challenges” √ Winner 'Best Mobile Service' * √ Winner 'Best Educational Solution' ** √ Finalist ‘Best Educational App 2014’ Bett Awards, UK √ 5-Star rating in educationalappstore.com (EAS Certified) “My students say it’s the best learning game and scored it a full 10/10” - Irina, Elementary school teacher. √ Scientifically proven SmartKid Maths is an educational game based on more than 10 years of research. Developed by psychologists, scientists and teachers specialized in enhancing children's learning. √ Complete preschool, 1st and 2nd grade maths, three years’ worth of curriculum-based math exercises for the price of a single app. √ NO personal information collection and NO social media integration. We respect your privacy and comply with the US children’s online privacy policy act (COPPA). FEATURES: √ The game has over 10 000 exercises in 100 progressive levels, corresponding to the major international and U.S. core curriculum requirements for preschool, 1st and 2nd grades (U.S. K-2) √ With this game your child will learn: - Shapes and pieces - Coordinates - Numbers - Clock and time - Addition, Subtraction, Equations - Money - Multiplication - Division - Fraction - Distance, Mass, Units - And much more! √ Curriculum content for all three grades including: - Counting and cardinality - Operations and algebraic thinking - Measurement, data and geometry Footnote: * 'BEST MOBILE SERVICE' Finland 2013 ** ‘BEST EDUCATIONAL SOLUTION’ Finland 2013 ABOUT US: SkillPixels Ltd is a Finnish company comprising of not only of great developers but psychologists and scientists specialized in pedagogy and in enhancing children's learning with mobile devices and educational games. Follow us: www.skillpixels.com Facebook: www.facebook.com/Skillpixels Twitter: @skillpixels Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/skillpixels




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Skillpixels Ltd



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