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Agilitee SMART KIOSK, Powered by Microsoft In today’s highly competitive and format shifting QSR and retail industry, it is becoming more important to digitally transform your organizations in order to reduce labor costs, increase revenue and improve your customers experience. Agilitee Smart Kiosk powered by Microsoft Surface is a demo system designed for retailers and QSR’s looking to increase average orders sizes, decrease lines and manage increased labor costs all while engaging consumers with a powerful and feature rich digital experience today’s merchants need to compete. We are taking the in-restaurant ordering experience to the next level by leveraging The latest in digital features to help you become a digital leader. Kiosks have proven to reduce lines during peak hours as well as increase the upsell and average sales revenue per order over the front counter using a live cashier. Our solution can be customized to fit your business model. This app demonstrates many delightful features to show you what is possible. This app includes a dynamic product catalog, dynamic pricing, full POS integration and cashless secured PCI compliant checkout, supports offers and promotions, loyalty programs, favorite orders, localized for internationalization and uses facial recognition for user authentication for a low friction personalized user experience. We finish the ordering experience by sending a live SMS text to the user to notify them when their order is ready. We have optimized this application to leverage Microsoft’s Surface Pro hardware running Windows 10. This gives your company the ability to remotely support and monitor all kiosks in the field in real time using your existing Microsoft support enterprise tools most business already deploy today. This reduces the need to send technician’s onsite for many problems, and allows central support for your IT organization to manage each device remotely, push new releases, fixes and updates to the kiosks with the push of a single button. With our extensive experience delivering similar solutions to one of the largest QSR’s in the world, we are here to help you implement a successful Kiosk solution for your enterprise.




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