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Sparkasse mobile banking application on your mobile device is safe, fast, easiest and cheapest way of financial operations. The advantages of the use of mBanking application are: - Saving time (payments can be made from anywhere and at any time) - Saving money (carry out financial operations for a fee that is from 80% to 100% lower than doing the payment at the branch) - Energy saving and environmental protection (avoiding costs of going to the nearest branch of the Bank, does not use the paper) - Complete control over your own finances, - Financial operations 24 hours a day. Services that mBanking application includes are: - Paying utilities and other types of accounts, - Transfer funds to the accounts of other individuals and legal entities, - Transfer funds between your own accounts, - Perform currency exchange, - Create a sample for payment order or use existing patterns that you created in netBanking service (if you use it), - review of account balance and liability accounts and credit cards, - Overview of balances and liabilities per accounts and credit cards, - Overview of all information about your financial transactions. mBanking is providing you with information about: - Useful contacts in the Bank, - Foreign currency exchange rate, - Opening hours for particular branches of the Bank. Sparkasse Bank is putting the highest emphasis on security; therefore mBanking application is protected by the most modern security device in the form of a token built in to the mobile phone. The token will generate a unique timely limited security code at any moment that will protect your logging in to the application and sending transactions to the Bank. This way the security and complete confidentiality is ensured. The application locks itself automatically if wrong password is entered three times repeatedly.




PING Sarajevo


PING Sarajevo



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