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About Us 1991 - Premium Investments was started as a weekly English investment tabloid. Building our reputation over a period of time with our succinct and to-the-point precise analysis, the paper went on to surpass the one lakh per week circulation figure. We soon went on to publish Premium Investments in Hindi and Gujarati languages and became the highest selling publication, at that time, amongst over 50 financial periodicals in India. Then came the advent of the electronic media which more or less razed down all the weekly publications. News became real time and the entire dynamics of the industry changed. The inevitable happened and we downed our shutters in May 2001. 2007 - Armed with knowledge of the new media and constant urging by our loyal past subscribers, we launched the internet version of Premium Investments. The ethos and principles remained the same. We continued to analyse corporate news and IPOs the way we had always been doing - with a razor sharp edge. Even our editorial team remained the same. The only change was that instead of being a weekly, Premium Investments was now available online 24/7 and news updated and analysed as they evolved. 2012 - We now bear a new look, but our ethos remains unchanged! We continue to give timely and apt stock advice, analyse news and provide information on Indian stock markets. Stock tips, rumors on Dalal Street, technicals, derivates market, scrutiny of financials, frank opinions and understanding the clutter of news around us, encompasses it all! Protecting investor interest and giving truthful advice, irrespective of the consequences, is what we stand for.




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