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"The Driver's Mission" is a very challenging racing game. Unlike many other racing games, this game contains lots of racing modes and challenges which include: - Police chase mode (avoiding contact with police cars) - championship mode (race with other simulated racers, you can move from group stage to quarter final stage to final stage and then win cup) - Regular Racing (crossing finish line first) - Quick regular racing (same as regular racing but limited to one lap) - Avoiding obstacles (avoiding traffic cones while trying to cross the finish line before time runs out) - Nitro mode (keep collecting nitro to boost your point and move you closer to the finish line. you lose when you run out of points without reaching finish line) - Elimination mode (do not come last on count down) - Drag racing (shift gear at the right time, and beat the other car you are racing with). The above listed are some of the gaming modes contained in the game. There are other modes that have not been included. When you win races, you get gold (digital in-game currency) which you can use to, - Fix your car when it damages - Fuel your car when you run out of fuel - paint your car body and car rims - upgrade your current car - Buy a new car The game contains a total of 10 different race tracks in different cities in different continents around the world



  • Xbox controller support
  • Championship Mode
  • Police Chase Mode
  • Different Cars and Cities



Olusola Ifeanyichukwu Olaoye


Olusola Ifeanyichukwu Olaoye


Olusola Olaoye



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