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3D classic dark style battle MMORPG online game "The Legend of Goddness " is coming!Easy on-hook, passionate confrontation, get rid of tedious operations, refuse boring upgrades, and rekindle the blood and passion of the year. The game scene and classic dark style will take you into a brand new fantasy continent, exploring the mystery of magic and the excitement of battle. In order to make it easier for players to experience the beauty of the game, the official production team hereby adds a mechanism to easily hang up, so that players can completely free their hands without having to perform tedious operations. The game is global real-time battle, no boundary, worldwide synchronization and you will battle with global players. Contact Us Facebook: Follow the fanpage to get rich gift packages Game Features ——Easily hang up and free your hands Abandon the traditional task and upgrade mode of the copy, the original offline hang-up function, so you can fight anytime, anywhere. ——Unlimited PK Passion A variety of Boss scramble gameplay, a large number of best-in-class equipment dropped, while fully releasing the passion for killing, greatly improving equipment and combat power. There are also a variety of gameplay such as legion battles, camp battles, guard battles, and competitive battles. Whether you want to be the first in the world, or you want to attack the city, you can be satisfied in the game. ——Develop your own goddess The original goddess system brings a lot of legendary goddesses with different styles to you. Some are gentle and elegant to heal the mind, some are frozen and frozen for thousands of miles, some are brave and powerful and ride a thousand, and some charming and tempting attract people's spleen always one option fit for you. The goddess system not only provides the maximum increase in combat power brought by cultivation, but also adds a variety of goddess interactive gameplay. By increasing the intimacy with each goddess, you can unlock various poses, allowing you to experience unlimited fun.。 ——Cool and powerful Divine Wings A lot of cool display functions, whether it is equipment display or set, greatly improve the overall visual effect of the game. Among them, the God Wing system is the most important. A variety of different styles of the gods are not only satisfied. With the pleasure of developing, it can also greatly satisfy your visual pursuit. ——Exquisite scenes in different styles A large number of outdoor scenes and duplicate maps, with different styles for different scenes, there are dozens of churches, underground palaces, ancient tombs, snowfields and so on. The design is sophisticated and original, and the rich plot greatly improves the overall visual effect and the immersion of the game.


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1. Add the soul mosaic function 2. Add the soul forging function 3. After the bag is full, the rare items dropped will be sent to mail.


  • Easily hang up and free your hands
  • Unlimited PK Passion
  • Develop your own goddess
  • Cool and powerful Divine Wings
  • Exquisite scenes in different styles



EPS Digital Studios



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