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All income accounts, all people can fight, character equipment can drop. The background is The Three Kingdoms, the purpose is to defeat lu bu, zuo ci and so on, to complete the overlord. All can think of, can go to challenge! All weapons can fall, of course, to draw halberds, or to have some preparation! -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The game of The Three Kingdoms was played from childhood to adulthood, and has always had deep feelings.Long ago, I had an idea: I must make a single game of The Three Kingdoms by myself in the future.This idea has run aground several times.Construction started several times, but the result didn't stick to it.The main reason is that they feel like they don't want to play. "The altar of heroes of The Three Kingdoms" was conceived for about a few months before construction began, but this time, a finished product was finally available.After the first version came out, it was found that there were many problems.This game, I can also play down, I hope the players can enjoy.


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1. Add English and manually switch languages 2. The default achievement conditions can be viewed by clicking 3. Increase the ending of the king of merchants 4. Swordsman line ending conditions change 5. Added quick view of ending completion (entrances in combat) 6. The internal structure of the game will be adjusted a little faster in theory 7. We are equally honest with customers and customers for adding white horses to our market 8. Strange people appeared after 60 years old instead of 70 years old 9. Fixed bug of hero mode achievement including swordsman line 10. Addiction task reduced requirement by 5 times


  • Text Game, text, san guo, lu bu



Bob Game


Bob Game



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