Solution benefits for Azure IoT Remote Monitoring

Improve visibility and efficiency across your business

With better insight into performance, you can create alerts and automate workflows to ensure a proactive response. Plus, with Azure IoT Edge, companies are empowered to process local device data using cloud code to reduce costs, while also enabling them to maintain performance even with intermittent or limited access to the cloud. 

Make targeted improvements to business processes

Take all the data from your devices and analyze it to make better decisions for your organization. Monitor and manage energy use remotely to optimize usage; give your engineering team and product designers product and service data to allow them to continuously innovate; and when your connected devices show a problem, give your service technicians the information they need to be prepared and productive on each service visit. 

Gain new business insights and explore innovative business models

By harnessing and analyzing data, organizations are more adept at spotting trends and identifying potential opportunities based off customer and product usage data. Leading manufacturers are opening up new revenue streams, reducing their costs and adjusting their pricing and monetization models based off these improved data insights.

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