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With a boundless imagination and love of robotic technology, Sphero founder Adam Wilson has transformed how kids play and learn worldwide. Sphero’s fleet of app-controlled ‘bots—from balls and droids to educational products—are unlocking the power of play to inspire the creators of tomorrow in over 180 countries.

     On the ball with Adam Wilson

Adam Wilson has always been a maker. The self-proclaimed nerd grew up tinkering with VCR parts and competing in coding competitions, but it wasn’t until he saw the movie Short Circuit that everything crystallized for him. "Seeing a robot come alive and become everyone’s best friend, I realized that’s my destiny," says Adam. "I’m supposed to make robots."

Adam earned degrees in physics and mathematics at the University of Northern Colorado. It was there he met his Sphero co-founder, Ian Bernstein, who shared Adam's passion for robotics. Combining their love of technology with a desire to make a fun and functional toy, they launched Sphero and a revolutionary new way to play was born.
As Sphero grew, Adam wanted to know if school kids would find programming robots as fun as he did. To find out, he taught basic programming to a class of fourth graders and the results were extraordinary. “The teacher was amazed,” says Adam. “She couldn’t believe these kids all cared about angles and time now. They just loved it.”

Since then, Adam and his team have expanded their educational reach, but they haven’t lost touch with having fun. “Today, there are over 400,000 Spheros in schools,” says Adam. “We hear from kids that it’s their best day at school. We see kids who have no interest in math or science get excited about learning. Maybe they won’t end up becoming engineers or programmers, but the knowledge builds their confidence.”
"Sphero is a kid’s best day at school."

— Adam Wilson

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